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Principals Message

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and well-wishers,

Montfort School Ambikapur is committed to the formation of young minds to have the correct attitude to life. It is said that ‘our life is a reflection of our attitudes’. We Montfortians believe that transformation in the society is possible, only if correct attitudes are created in every individual person. If a transformation is to take place in our society, we need to create that effect on every individual person. It depends on every individual what he/she perceives when glances at a half full glass of water. One can simply say that the glass is half empty, without being ideologically wrong. However the right attitude makes one to say, that the glass is half full. Here in Montfort School we Montfortians should learn this truth of life and practice besides our pursuit for the competitive spirit of academic excellence. I wish all the Montfortians to cultivate that attitude which can create this world a better place, trusting in the ever transforming creative spirit of the almighty.

Bro. Shaji Joseph

Montfort School, Ambikapur