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Admission to Mont Fort School implies on the Part of the pupil and Parents’ willingness to comply with the requirements, rules and regulations of the school, They are as follows:

(1.) All The students must come to the school in Proper, clean and tidy uniform.

(2.) The Students especially girls are forbidden to wear /bring any ornaments to School and are forbidden to use make up (Lipstick, mehandi, nail Polish etc… ) .

(3.) On Class days and School functions, the Students Should wear uniform prescribed, for the Season , failing which they may be excluded from the class or even sent back home .However, in exceptional circumstances a student is unable to attend the school provided a request is made by the parent through this handbook .

(4.) All the photograph to be used for school purpose or to be attested by the school should be in the school uniform. (5.) Care must be taken of the school property. The students must not scratch or spoil the the furniture,Write on the wall or in any way damage what is provided for use , collective fines may be imposed to recover the damages.

(6.) Students are responsiple for the safe custody of their books and belongings. It is not advisable for students to bring/exchange valuables or money.

(7.) Video games, transistor radios, taps-recorders, ipods,mobile phone, gold chains and other ornaments are not Allowed in the school. If brought they will be confiscated .

(8.) The students are strictly forbidden to wear gold ornaments. Stude ,fancy bangles etc…in the school. If they do so it will be confis cated.

(9.) The students are not allowed to write or draw or disfigure each others’ school uniform.

(10.)The students on their birthday s may share a packet of toffees with their classmates /teachers. They are not allowed to exchange gifts, flowers or organize a party at the canteen or Restaurants.

(11.) The student must reach the school assembly. No one may leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal .The student are required to reach back home of as early as possible after the school hours.

(12.) The student are responsible to the school authorities for Their conduct both in and outside the school .shouting, whistling, using, abusive language or throwing things at one Another are all strictly forbidden.

(13) The students are also strictly for bidden to bring objectionable literature and CDs to the school or to purchase any article of food from unauthorized dealers at to purchase any article of food from unauthorized dealers at or near the school premises.

(14)The student are strictly for bidden to bring crackers or any short of fire arms to school . serious action will be taken to the nature of dismissal from the school . Serious action will be taken even to the nature of dismissal from the school, if found in possession of the same.

(15.) Irregular attendance, habitual idleness ,neglect of homework , disobedience and disrespect towards the members of the staff or bad moral influence will dismissal from to school .

(16.) The student are not allowed to distribute leaflets, invitation cards or any sort of advertisement material etc. . . without the permission of the principal .

(17.) Any student found resorting to unfair means and receiving and giving assistance in any form during Test / Examination will be given Zero in the subject and warning letter . Repetition of the same will result in dismissal.

(18.) The parents are not allowed to visit their wards or their theacher in classrooms.

Bus Rules

(1.) Admission does not guarantee bus service.

( 2.) School buses will ply only through the existing routes.

(3.) Discontinuing bus service in service in mid session is not encouraged

(4.) For any serious , if bus service is to be discontinued ,a month’s notice is to be given to the principal in advance.

(5.) The students must have the bus pass with them whenever the school bus is used.

(6.) The school will not be responsible to provide alternative transport facilities in cash of a breakdown or road blockage of any nature.


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